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Untangling quantum entanglement

Symmetrical encryption is far quicker and less resource-intense than public/private key encryption, but has the downside that the symmetrical key needs to be distributed among parties. For this reason, we use public/private key encryption to secure the transfer of the symmetrical key, and then use symmetrical encryption to secure the actual data that needs to be transferred. But what if our symmetrical key was somehow available to the other party without us transmitting it to them? That could make the encryption process faster, less resource-intense and safer.
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I am Shrödinger’s cat

I live in Austria with my owner Shrödi – Mr Shrödinger as everyone else calls him – and he is a really cool guy. He talks about me quite a bit. Shrödi told me that I will become famous as he has even had a chat with Einstein about me. Yes, that Einstein – Albert – my owner Shrödi is mates with Albert.
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Welcome to the Twilight Zone of quantum cryptography

Quantum computing, the world of the bizarre and the super-fast, will be a game changer for cryptography. Other areas will benefit from quantum physics speed such as weather forecasting, medicine, search engines, robotics, and big data analytics, but it is in cryptography that we will see early applications of the technology.
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