I am Shrödinger’s cat

I live in Austria with my owner Shrödi – Mr Shrödinger as everyone else calls him – and he is a really cool guy. He talks about me quite a bit. Shrödi told me that I will become famous as he has even had a chat with Einstein about me. Yes, that Einstein – Albert – my owner Shrödi is mates with Albert.

Lately however, I’ve become quite concerned about Shrödi. He is under stress. I think all this deep scientific thinking is getting to him. It is causing him to act quite oddly.

Today Shrödi lost it completely. He put me in this steel box and sealed the lid shut. It’s dark in here and I can hear my thoughts echo. Also in the box with me is a Geiger counter, some black stuff, a hammer and a vial. The vial is marked “Hydrocyanic acid”, and I noticed Shrödi was very cautious when he placed it in here. I don’t like the look of that…

Weird, isn’t it? Soon after Shrödi sealed the box, I turned the Geiger counter off – the ticking noise was disconcerting. And I’ve moved the vial away from the hammer so that there won’t be any accidents.

It’s dark and quiet here in this box. I can’t hear anything from outside. I don’t know if there is anyone outside. Maybe Shrödi is dead, maybe he is alive, I really can’t tell. Maybe everyone on earth is dead, I’ll only know when I get out of this box.

Earlier, I nodded off to sleep inside my steel box. It was such a deep sleep that I didn’t know if I was dead or alive. I had a strange dream. I dreamed that Shrödi had two of my food bowls. He put my food in one of the bowls and then placed the bowls in two identical rooms – through one door was a bowl with food and through the other door was an empty bowl. I had to choose which door to go through. And then, do you know what, the strangest thing happened in my dream. I went through both doors at the same time! Just totally insane isn’t it? Through two doors at the same time!

Imagine if we could do that in real life – go through two doors at once. Whoa! Or if a bowl can be empty and full at the same time. Or if a light can be on and off concurrently. What if a computer bit can be both zero and one at the same time? However if I can get to the bowl and take a look at it, I will know if it is empty or full. Or will the bowl be like the drawing of the old woman and the young woman and have both states at the same time?

Oh, all this weird thinking is making me feel drowsy. Am I still in a dream or am I awake? Am I alive or am I dead? Only if this box is opened will I know the answer. Or perhaps after the box is opened I will continue to be both dead and alive.

If you want to read more about whether I make it out of this box alive, take a look here.


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