Another instance of Android C&C malware

Another instance of Android malware with C&C (command-and-control) capability, enabling the device to be used in a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack, has been reported. Details of the latest malware, named TheAndroid.DDoS.1.origin, is here.

This malware has communication links with the Bot Commander, and can be directed to participate in a DDoS attack. I will be posting on Botnets soon.

As predicted earlier, this functionality is not new on Android, and we expect to be seeing a lot more of this type of malware targeting Android (and later Windows and Apple) smartphones and tablets.

My previous posting warning about Android malware has been widely read. It appears that some readers mistakenly interpreted my post to be critical of Android, however this was not the intention – Android is a fantastic OS, and there are some great apps on Android. However Android’s popularity combined with the openness of the operating system will result in it receiving a lot of attention from malware (as described in the earlier post). Windows 8 OS will also follow as it gains popularity, and then iOS as it inevitably becomes more and more open in response to consumer demands.

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